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Post by Kroka on Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:52 am

Forum Rules:

#1 Do not spam.

#2 Do not remake a closed topic.

#3 Post in the correct forum and thread; if you are not sure then ask.

#4 Do not create threads, comments or replies that are meant to insult, anger or upset others.

#5 Do not make threads, comments, or replies that are meant to 'flame' the server, admins, etc.

#6 When making a ban appeal/request, use the correct format.

#7 Do not post sexual, racist, or any other kinds of explicit/offensive material on the forums.

#8 Do not impersonate others.

#9 Do not accept/deny ban appeals/complaints unless Forums Management.

#10 Do not advertise other servers.

#11 Respect everyone.

#12 Do not add your input on ban/unbanned requests if it has nothing to do with you (i.e. "+1") - proof or dont post.

#13 Do not threaten others.

#14 Do not "postwhore" - posting just to increase post count.

#15 Do not violate ANY terms of service with our forums. (This will result in a perm forum ban.)

#16 Do not "bump" your post without waiting the time limit (24 hours).

#17 No blank commenting replies or posts; do not agree with someone by quoting them; make your own post with your own expression or don't post at all.

Please ensure to follow these rules, otherwise a punishment might be applied to you.

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