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Arcoolka's Trial Application Empty Arcoolka's Trial Application

Post by Arcoolka on Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:00 pm

Name on Server: Arcoolka.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:25667003

Country: U.S., but migrated to there from the U.K.

Spoken/Written Languages: English and Spanish (written and spoken, somewhat).

Admin/Mod on other servers (not your own): I've moderated NOVA Jailbreak servers (can provide reference), also moderated both TF2 and Minecraft servers for Han's Trade Group (can provide references), I've also moderated DeimosTK's DarkRP servers (now defunct). Although this isn't the category for it, I thought it'd be worth mentioning I have ran Minecraft, DarkRP and ZombieRP servers by myself as well.

Age on UR DarkRP Server: 3 hours, but I plan to let this application mature and allow my time played to increase, but it's up to the reader's decision. EDIT: As of 12/13, I'm ~11 hours now.

What rank are you on UR DarkRP server? User, but I plan to donate in the near future, when I start working again.

Age: 17

Do you have a mic?: Yes, but I live with a one year old at the moment who sleeps in the room next to me, and his bedtime is usually when I'm on.

Why should we make you a trial moderator? (be original): I enjoy moderating in moderation, I think it's a great medium to connect to a community and to also police it for any malicious behaviour that's quite prevalent on Steam nowadays. I currently have 762 hours played on Garry's Mod, crediting a fair bit of experience to my playing and moderating. I prefer a hands-off approach to moderating, as it seems to attract a fair share of boot-lickers who will try and nab benefits from the moderator as a result of their sycophantic behaviour. However, when it comes to antisocial behaviour on part of the players, I like to make an example of them -- under my watch, I like to snuff out any sign of propblocking, RDMing, RDAing, or any other malignant act; they're simply destructive and distracting to the players, and can create, talking from experience, a negative reputation for a server. I'm no stranger to a fair trial, however, and will gladly hear both sides of a disagreement.

I also love DarkRP, and I've had many fun, community-based ideas for players, myself filling all server roles from User to Owner.

I can play from ~3:00PM EST to ~10:00PM (as late as 1AM) on the weekdays, and weekends, well, because of a social life I can't entirely say for sure, but I can go until whatever time, caffeine supplies allowing.


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Arcoolka's Trial Application Empty Re: Arcoolka's Trial Application

Post by Kroka on Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:15 pm


On grounds of unfamiliarity; I have yet to see you (or don't recall seeing you) on the server.

I encourage you to apply again soon.

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