Hankflax's Trial Moderator Application

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Hankflax's Trial Moderator Application Empty Hankflax's Trial Moderator Application

Post by Hankflax on Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:01 pm

Name on Server: Hankflax
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:73551339
Country: Canada
Spoken/Written Languages: English, French, German
Admin/Mod on other servers (not your own): I was a Head Admin on a DarkRP Server called Gangster City | Crime Syndicate. I was a Moderator on a Gmod DarkRP server named Gamer's Salvation. I was a Co-Owner on two Minecraft servers. I also a Admin on another Minecraft Server.
Age on UR DarkRP Server: 7 Hours &  26 Minutes
What rank are you on UR DarkRP server? User
Age: 15
Do you have a mic?: Yes
Why should we make you moderator? (be original): I have tons of experience on staffing for servers and I feel that I have a good and effective way of dealing with sits that require more time. I bring the two (or 3 , 4 etc.) to a area for a sit and I hear the story from the victim. If ether person talks during the time when the other is explaining, they will get muted until their done after a warning. After the story of the victim is done. I ask the suspect if it's true. If they agree then I ask the suspect if they have anything to add then, give out the punishment. If they refuse, I ask them to say their side of the story. Once they finished, I ask the victim if it's true and if they have anything to add. If the sit is still going on, I ask if ether of them had a witness to see this happen. If they did, I will bring them and ask for their story on how it went down and who was in the wrong. Same with the suspect as well unless they are clearly trolls. Then, by then, I should have enough proof to convict somebody and give out a punishment if present. Another reason why you should consider me to be apart of the team is, I really like to help people. I don't know if the staff team has noticed but, I tend to help with a problem if present then, If it gets to a point where a Staff Member is needed, I/We call for one. I also find it fun to help people with their problems. That's why I have so much experience being staff on many servers. On a final note, I also have been staffing since I was 10 or so. So, I've been staffing for about 5 years going on 6. I see there are a lot of trouble makers on the server which really does suck because it's a great server. That's another reason why I want to join up. I want to help you guys AND the community AND the server by helping give the most enjoyable Roleplay experience on UR DarkRP. Thank you for reading my application, and I hope you consider me to become a member of your Staff Team.

Kind Regards,

Note: Good job on the server by the way Kroka & Sido. It's really good for only being up for a short time!


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Hankflax's Trial Moderator Application Empty Re: Hankflax's Trial Moderator Application

Post by Kroka on Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:07 pm


On grounds of experience.

Contact me for further instructions in-game.

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